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Timeless Social Skills for Selling

About Us

We are a Father & Son team whose aim is to share timeless knowledge and insight into what can drive your business forward. Namely, sales. 

Selling more. 

Every business has to sell more. And we can help you sell more. 

We believe that anyone can sell their own products and services and that salespeople are made, not born. 

In fact, we don't even believe there is such a thing as "salespeople." Quite simply, everyone can sell just by being themselves.

We don't believe in special techniques or tricks. Nor do we believe that to win your biggest deal of the year requires you to change yourself into a "sales machine."

We, ourselves, are no more successful business gurus than any other business guru you have met. We are simply independent entrepreneurs who have founded a number of companies with varying degrees of success. Both of us have individually enjoyed staggering failures and moments of great success, just like any business, any founder and any entrepreneur. 

We both enjoy the personal and philosophical challenges that running your own business provides and have found this to be the most satisfying aspect of both entreprenuerial and corporate life. Just like everyone else, we have to make a living, so we have not lost sight of our business objectives.

It's just that we also believe that living is in the making. And we believe that is the key to making a living for yourself too.

We're here to share our experiences and learn about yours.

We're here to talk.

We're here to talk to you about selling. We're here to talk about what will enable you to sell your products or services so that you can enjoy the life you want to design for yourself and your family and friends. We're here to share insights into how to enjoy the challenge of business and embrace and make best use of the challenges you will face in selling your products and services.

We're here to talk about our ideas about what the act of selling really is. Selling is not a race and it is not a competition. Selling is not about struggling or suceeding. Selling is not about winning or losing, nor is about manipulation and deception. Selling is not simply about negotiation or compromise. 

You don't have to be any specific type of person to be a successful salesperson for your own company or your employer.

Being good at selling is about being yourself and succeeding on your own terms, under your own steam in pursuit of your own goals while simultaneously being in service of your clients and prospects. 

We believe the key to being a great salesperson all comes down to one simple idea, that, "Selling is just a conversation."


Selling Is Just A Conversation